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The SAFEcorder System


The solution for continuous improvements of the driving style in terms of safety, environmental protection and efficiency is provided by the SAFEcorder System. As an electronic vehicle device it gives users the optimal possibility to understand individual strengths and weaknesses of drivers to specify their potential for improvements. It provides detailed analyses and diagnoses to improve mediation by driving instructors and to facilitate the understanding for a person sitting at the steering wheel. The evaluation of the driving style is based on five dimensions: steering, turning, braking, stopping and smooth driving.


Each dimension is formed by vehicle related physical relationships from which the driver’s tendency concerning safe and efficient (or traffic- and road-adapted) driving is shown. All characteristics are evaluated individually in a score system and combined into one overall rating. Each characteristic is commented, with corresponding improvement suggestions if necessary.

In this way it is easily possible for each driver to understand his or her own driving habits and to optimise them by himself. Other useful analysis capabilities, particularly for driving instructors complete the evaluation. The assessment of driving behaviour bases on accurate, scientific calculations, which were determined and optimised during many years of research and development.


Moreover The SAFEcorder System is able to determine risky and inefficient driving manoeuvers and classifies them by itself. In cooperation with a major Japanese insurance company and its extensive experience in traffic accidents cause studies typical driver reactions in high-risk situations were developed and implemented in the evaluation system. In case of dangerous events while driving, they will be posted as warnings of increased risk of accidents for training purposes. In this way, abnormal or problematic driving habits are easily presented in an understandable and supportive use. By a much better understanding, a driver is brought into a better position for the ability to reduce risks significantly.

Many years of experience

The SAFEcorder system origins from Japan as a leading country of environmentally friendly automotive technologies, and it is successfully used for years by hundreds of companies, primarily in the freight logistics and passenger transportation industry. As a 'Kaizen' tool for continuous operational improvement processes, it is in use in thousands of vehicles of all kinds to help drivers lear a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient driving style. After so many experiences, we look back on Lasting, fleet-wide accident rate reductions of often well above 50%, fuel consumption differences of often more than 10% and a decrease of tire wear up to 50%.

Integrated fleet management services


The integrated GPS module provides time- and location-based information on the use of a vehicle, so basic fleet management functions such as trip or - in case of using a real-time transfer - tracking functions are possible and a fleet management is supported.




Special advantages of the SAFEcorder system



- Harmonisation of safety and efficiency, i.e. the optimisation of the driving style for lower fuel consumption without increasing the risk of accidents, leading to a responsible behaviour of fleet managers intervening in the employee's driving behaviour

- Precise calculation of the safety level by exact measuring of the steering behaviour via gyroscope sensors known from aerospace or ship navigation to detect positional changes and to determine the angular rate of a vehicle (in °/sec.)

- Separate evaluation of cornering and turning maneuvers because of their different circumstances

- Avoidance of inaccurate diagnosis results, e.g. by influences of uneven road surfaces or vehicle inclination which interfere the measured values of Acceleration Sensors

- Complete examination of the driver behaviour instead of purely event-specific evaluation

- Usage possible in almost all types of vehicles, independent from manufacturer

- Easy installation, no CAN bus connection is required (FMS interface only optional)

- No distracting or nervous-making acoustic or visual signals while driving, since concentrating on the road traffic is the main condition for safe driving.

- As a pioneering system for safety-and efficiency-oriented driving style analysis already 14-year operation and optimisation experience, with the support of a large Japanese insurance company



SRcompact M67
SRcomm M64
SRvideo M68
B 130 x T 140 x H 30 mm
B 178 x T 142 x H 50 mm
B 178 x T 140 x H 50 mm
Weight (excl. equipment)  
ca. 300g
ca. 800g
ca. 800g
Power Supply  
DC10-32V / < 2A
DC10-32V / < 2A
DC10-32V / < 2A
Storage Medium  
Memory Stick® 64MB
Memory Stick® 64MB
Memory Stick Pro™ 256MB

Notes: Made in Japan. "Memory Stick" and "Memory Stick Pro" are registered brands of the Sony Corporation.






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