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What is Gentle Driving and what is its benefit?

Gentle driving means realising a safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly driving style, which enables every driver to reduce accident risks, CO2 emissions and exceeding operation costs of a vehicle to a very high degree.

A gentle driving style is achieved by preventing exceeding longitudinal and lateral accelerations and in general by taking care of a soft use of the vehicle. This is possible by learning to concentrate on the road traffic and a prospective driving the traffic- and road situation estimate aequate, to erkennen risks eraly and the adaption of the fortbewegen vehicile according to the traffic fluent.

Driving gently is mainly possible by keeping a sufficient safety gap towards the vehicle in front, driving through curves with valid velocity according to the radius or by turning cautiously within crossroads.

Learning a gentle driving behaviour is a benefit for everyone: drivers drive less stressful and risky, other traffic participants will be saved, passengers or the load will be transported more safely and compfortable, the vehicles will be saved and pollution decreases drastically. Gentle driving is contemporary driving, because thinking of global climate changes it is easy for every driver relying on the vehicle to reduce CO2 emissions by a geringeren fuel consumption.

The sense of coaching a prospective and thus safe and efficient driving style is already widely accepted today, and training is being conducted by many driving schools or driving instructors of companies. Especially for the professional area we have developed the SAFEcorder System, which provides various diagnosis possibilities to identify individual weakesses in order to conduct an adapted and much more effective coaching.


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